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Veronica is a qualified 

Theta Healer Practitioner. Reiki Master

NLP Practitioner and Coach. Timeline Practitioner. Hypnotherapist Practitioner. Life Changes Coach & Author.

Theta Healing: is a modality that works with the power of creation, igniting your own personal power. 

Reiki Healing: is a non invasive healing energy that flows through us all, we are all natural healers.

NLP Coach and Practitioner: helps you discover your greatest self.

Timeline Practitioner: helps to release the past, traumas and fears.

Hypnotherapist Practitioner: Hypnosis helps to overcome phobias, weight loss issues, smoking or drinking addictions, Insomnia, Stress or limiting beliefs. 

Veronica is a life changes coach, offering personal or professional coaching to help you make those life changing choices.

Author: logging her wealth of infinite knowledge and wisdom.