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We're all being awakened to what we already know, the intelligence of us.

Our gifts, skills or abilities are aspects of our intelligence, and have to be perfected.

Dedication, courage and commitment allow us to become the power of our intelligence.

The genius ability of our intelligence takes vision, determination, and the will to succeed. 

Listed below are aspects of our intelligence!


Our intelligence will enhance our lives and promotes success in all we do. Intelligence is what we know! and can only be achieved from an unworried and uncluttered mind. A positive mind creates a positive reality. Over the centuries we've forgotten how to use certain parts of our brain, because we've suppressed them, due to fear, conditioning, programming and control. To be awakened, is to think beyond what we see or feel. The intelligence of us takes commitment to be our knowing and intuitive self. Our intelligence is the evolved us, our infinite knowledge and wisdom. This intelligence is stored in the memories within the dormant areas of our brain.

The intelligence of us is common sense, and the ability to see, hear and speak the truth, reawakening what we already know and aspire to. 


Some individuals cling to the faith or belief of a supreme power of some kind. That power resides within us all, and we harvest it by embracing that power within. Over the centuries we have forgotten what that power is, let alone what it feels like. We're all being reawakened to what we already know, and power. Throughout our lives, we'd have times when we harvest that power, even though it was short lived. At other times we'd harvest that power because we have the help and support of others that gives us the illusion of the power within, when in fact it's the harvesting of a collective power. Proof of that power within, is when we can stand on our own two feet, with us supporting others whilst we're being supported by the supreme power of creation.


There is no new knowledge or wisdom for all is ancient and infinite. The joys and pleasure of life is gathering that infinite knowledge and wisdom together. We're all here to encourage and inspire one another. Knowledge and wisdom is what we already know and have experienced numerous times, over many centuries. The memories of that knowledge and wisdom is stored within our sub-conscious mind. Hence the reawakening of us all. Knowledge and wisdom expands as we raise our vibration. We do this by connecting to our power within. The power of knowing, gives us the wisdom and truth, of all things. This power resides within us all, and reinstates All Knowing, and a Wisdom to accept what we can or cannot change whilst sustaining our power.


The power within is our connection with the life force or God energy or whatever our belief is, whether religious or other. The life force energy is our power and connection with all creation, and resides within us all. We don't stop to consider how powerful that connection is because we make it complicated by believing in things outside of us. We know there is a supreme power that sustains the sun, moon and stars, but it also sustains us, by re-establishing our connection with it. The belief is to look upwards to a greater power, not realizing that the greater power is within, and reawakens what we already know. This power has sustained us all since time began, and will continue to sustain us till the end of time as we know it, and beyond.


Gut instinct is our power within that guides and influences us to make the right decisions, with us instinctively knowing what action to take. We'll know whats right or wrong, making our decisions or choices easier to make. Our gut reaction, is part of our power within. To know the truth of any situation is to go within and be still, listening to what we know, to sense or feel it positively. If we listen to our mind, we'll receive mixed messages, depending on how we feel, with our insecurities, fear and uncertainty, clouding our judgments. The power within is our truth and knowing, and as long as we're honest with ourselves, we'll achieve our dreams or goals. To pay attention to the gut will allow us to stay focused, and ready for the challenges or opportunities as they present themselves to us. The gut is the fire certainty, determination, courage and conviction 


Truth is the truth, and not justification. When we find us justifying our intentions, situation or circumstance, it's for us to feel better about whats going on. Its what we need to be true to justify the different aspects of our lives. Justification is something we do to justify why we want certain things within our lives. Often fulfilling a negative void within just to feel better, we don't always recognize that we justify from a negative mindset. Truth comes from a positive mindset that's connected to the knowing gut, because the truth as no justification. To know, is the truth of all things, what we think or say is justification. Justification is an illusion of the truth that allows us to convince us or others, that what we're doing is for the right reasons, when its not. Justification is a mechanism of self preservation when feeling insecure or doubting us, and our abilities. 


We are what we know, and not what we think! Our negative thoughts are our limiting beliefs. The power of what we know gives us intention, courage and conviction, and allows us to achieve the life we aspire to. A positive mindset becomes our reality, and what we know comes from our intuitive gut. The head is where we think and process things, and the gut is where we know whats right or wrong, and what action to take. When the decision is made within the gut, we'll have courage, commitment and the power of intention to see our goals or dreams through, to a successful outcome. What we know is our intelligence, giving the power and ability to perfect our dreams or goals. Our inspiration comes from other lifetime memories, where we'd accomplished great things, and want to experience them again, within this lifetime. Everything we need, is within.


To know thyself, is to love thyself and all our imperfections. We need to know who we are and recognize that we're important too. If we don't put us first then we're not in a position to look after others, successfully. We can deny the self for the greater good of others which leads to regret, resentment, discontentment or unhappiness. Self-love is about saying no to the unreasonable demands of others or the different aspects within our lives that doesn't serve us positively. Self love is a requirement we must accomplish before we can successfully love others or be loved. To know thyself ignites unconditional love. We love because it's a natural part of us, and it helps heal human suffering. We can not prosper without love. Love ignites passion,  happiness, and contentment, and a loving union with others, sustains a blissful life for all.

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Intuition is our knowing and truth of any given situation or circumstance. We instinctively know what action to take and what the truth is of any knowing thought, action, situation or circumstance. Instinct is something that transcends knowledge. Instinct is a higher intelligence within us that inspires us with some forgotten memory or inspiration of our limitless potential. If we perfect our intuitive nature, we'll instinctively know how to solve our problems or manifest our dreams or goals effortlessly. Our dreams are inspired by our collective consciousness which is the intelligence of us. Intuition is the inner voice that speaks to us from deep within, and if we listen and act on the information received, will transform us and our lives.


Being responsible for our actions and the interactions with others, is every ones responsibility. We must be responsible for what we say or do. Because, everything we do has a consequence, and we don't always recognize the pain or grief that we cause others or even us, by not being responsible. We have a responsibility to maintain health and well being, to be happy and content in all aspects of our lives. We must be responsible for our safety and that of others, and mindful of what we say, because our words can be unkind, offensive or even disrespectful. Our truth is not the truth of others, and our perception is not theirs. We must be responsible for us, so we don't put others under pressure, especially when they're not coping with aspects of their own life.


We don't always execute free will and the power of the choices we can make or in how we deal with the different situations or circumstances within our lives. We often fall into the trap of thinking we don't have a choice. The truth is, we've always had a choice and to execute that choice is our power of free will. We must remember that nobody makes us do things that we don't want to do. We do them because it's part of our life's path or purpose. We only make mistakes because we haven't recognized the truth of any situation or circumstance. It isn't that we get things wrong, it's just that we haven't got it right yet, as it's a working progress. Eventually we'll understand the lessons, and achieve our goals or dreams, consciously, knowing that we've always had a choice.


We must be mindful of what we say, do or think. A positive mind, breeds success and defines who we are. When we're mindful of people, situations or the different circumstances that we're experiencing, we'll attract all that we need within our lives, to positively overcome them. To be mindful, will allow us to see the different situations or circumstances not from just our point of view but that of others too. This allows us to process what's happening positively, instead of thinking we're being punished in someway. Mindfulness is maintaining a positive mindset when things are not as we'd hoped for. Knowing we always have a choice in how we deal with the uncertainties of life. Mindfulness is our power of action, intention and manifestation.


Acceptance of all things good or bad allows us to maintain balance within our lives. Acceptance allows us to maintain our power within, as long as we don't give into the uncertainty of things out of our control. We must not give into constant mind chatter, worry or fear, because this creates emotional imbalances within our lives. Self acceptance, of others and all situations or circumstances, allows us to find the positive solutions to solving our problems. Bad things happen to everyone, it's called life, we have to take the good, with the bad. We can balance these bad experiences by thinking of those less fortunate than us. At other times we should accept them as character building, by not allowing the miss adventures of life, to define us. They say, what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger. We must always realize that we do have a choice in how we deal with these times, hopefully, positively, so we can learn and prosper.


The power of now, allows us to be present in all we do, say or think. To be present allows us to witness and manifest what we want within our lives, successfully. The power of Now, stops us from working endlessly, as we do less, to achieve more. The power of now has us present in our everyday lives, and in control of our true destiny. When present in what we do, we'll achieve things more effortlessly because we're not over stretching us or being unreasonable in the tasks we've set us. Our expectations or standards can be so high, that we have to work really hard to maintain them. This results in us feeling exhausted or fatigued, and very little time to pursue our goals or dreams. Living in the NOW sustains our energy and focus, with us enjoying the challenges or experiences of life. The Now is our power, we must give that power away by doing things that aren't relevant to what we're trying to accomplish. 


A positive mindset and the truth of what we think, say or do, creates a positive reality. Reality is recognizing or witnessing whats happening within our lives. Accepting our current reality good or bad, helps us to overcome things easily. Our pain or grief is created from resistance, instead of accepting what's happening to find a positive solution to overcome them. Our reality is a manifestation of our mindset good or bad. Everything in our life is as it should be, to learn from. The reality of the positives within our lives, is to show gratitude for what we do have, instead of the negative of what we don't have. When we focus on the positives of life, our mindset changes from being a pessimist, to a optimist. Reality is everything is as it should be, and once we've embraced the power within, we'd have the life that was intended for us, albeit, a long time ago. A life of blissfulness, prosperity and joy.


To heal humanity is every-ones responsibility, but first, must heal their own suffering. God or the life force energy can't heal us, unless we ask, and are open to receiving that healing by making life-style changes. Logically think about it! God doesn't choose who lives, dies or suffers, he gave us free will. Cause and effect play's a big part in all our demises. But if we reconnect to the supreme power within us, we could perform our own miracles as long as we haven't left it to late to reverse what's happened to us. If we have; self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others plays an important part in setting us free from our suffering. To heal human suffering, is each individuals responsibility to achieve well-being which changes their vibration. Then, they'd naturally radiate a positive vibration for others to tap into, and use until they'd achieved it for themselves. To use the power within, is the energy of creation.


Our power within, ignites our courage and conviction to succeed against all odds. Our power is a powerful force to be reckoned with when we have the combination of courage, conviction, commitment, intention, focus and action. It's a power of superhuman ability to survive and succeed. We often think we have courage or conviction, but when put to the test, we find reasons why we can't achieve our goals or dreams. We then look for others to support and encourage us. With sheer determination and a will to succeed, we can achieve things beyond our wildest dreams! Courage and conviction, come from deep within and part of the power within. It's natural for us all at sometime or other to suffer from a lack of courage or conviction, but with understanding we'd realize that it was just a temporary disconnection from our power because of our insecurities or doubts. To honor our gut instinct, maintains our power and passion, for life.      


The miracles that happen to us all whether big or small, happen because we're open to attracting what we need. Miracles happen because we've played our part. Miracles don't happen unless we're actively living our lives, and not just waiting for a miracle to happen, before we pursue our dreams or goals. Miracles are something that each individual performs for themselves, with the power of free will, intention, commitment and courage. This power is within us all, and connected to the life force/God energy or whatever our beliefs are. Miracles happen all the time but we never stop to consider this fact. Everything within our creation is a miracle, and we are a part of that incredible power. When we ask for a miracle, we're basically asking someone else to perform what we can perform for ourselves. Our power within, is an aspect of our miracle connection with creation and that power work through us all.


The inspiration of our limitless potential comes from our memories of long ago, of our great achievements or accomplishments. If we perfect our inspirational visions or knowing thoughts they can become our genius achievements. Our potential is limitless, but believe what we say. If we listen to what we say or think, we'd realize how we self sabotage our efforts with limiting beliefs. We can inspire ourselves to be anything we want with courage and conviction, and the truth of what we want to accomplish. We can empower us to be successful in what we pursue, with the power of intention. This power comes from the gut and what we know, with us staying focused until we've perfected our skills or abilities, no matter how long it takes us. We can achieve our potential, as long as we don't allow our limiting beliefs, programs or conditioning to stop us or sabotage our efforts. It takes courage, commitment and time, to perfect our limitless potential.


Ascension is our intelligence and inspired genius abilities. Inspiration becomes our passion, as we pursue and perfect our visions, dreams or knowing thoughts. Our genius abilities derive from hours of dedication to perfecting them. The scientific man, explorer or inventor, does not aim at immediate results but to perfect their visions over time, for future generations. Genius abilities or a higher intelligence is hard for the average man to accept or comprehend, as inventors have found over the centuries. Ascension is to attain these abilities in a human form, even though the human mind cannot always understand or process what its been inspired to achieve. Inspiration comes from our collective consciousness of stored memories of other lifetimes. Everything that humankind invents or experiences is held in the collective consciousness of us, and when we tap into that consciousness, we'll have the gifts, skills and ability to succeed.